edge antialiazing with page up buton
Hi there ,

i use PCSX2 1.0 , and i really like the new antialiazing option when i click on page up button , i just want to ask where is this option ( page up button ) on the interface on the program ? because i only use the page up button


PCSX2 is the best !!

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There's none, but you can add line "fxaa=1" on gsdx.ini to permanently activate it.
(08-08-2012, 09:49 PM)naoan Wrote: There's none, but you can add line "fxaa=1" on gsdx.ini to permanently activate it.

actually since it was in 0.9.9 the 0.9.8 guide have a complete black out on FXAA so it haven't got much of popularity as MSAA ....
Thanks guys

where i can find this gsdx.ini file ?

BTW: how to enable this MSAA ? this is some antialiazing option like FXAA or something else ?

Thanks again for the replay
Config < Video < plugin settings

enable HW hacks

press configure on the right of that sentence and wallah you found MSAA

all of the .ini are in the INIS folder in PCSX2 directory Smile
Thanks abdo123 ,

but this works only for hardware mode i want to play silent hill shattered memories it works only on software mode so i will use the FXAA


BTW: no ini file in the PCSX2 1.0.0 directory Sad
It's in the documents then ...
yep i found it Thanks Smile
but watch out any AA may cause visual bugs ( 1% chance on FXAA 50% on the MSAA )

so make sure to disable both if you encounter any visual Bug before asking for support
So, the Page Up button enable FXAA, but which button disable it? Page Up again?

I think it would be nice to have any kind of text information, telling if the FXAA is enabled or not.

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