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"ee sync hack" in 0.9.8 ?
Hi all,

I have a quick question. I'm playing FFX on 0.9.8 and it runs more or less ok. It's only sometimes that I experience some lag.

To start with debugging that issue I wanted to assign the settings as proposed in the pcsx2 wiki. The first advice there is:

Quote:EE Sync Hack: noticable speedup, only minor issues (cycle rate x2 & fmvs)

However, in my pcsx2 settings I don't have a "ee sync hack" available. Maybe because of the german language I selected? These are my speedhack options:

[Image: shci647x.png]

Any hint what I should select? Any Preset?

Thanks in advance

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It's just different name EE Cyclerate <=> EE Sync Hack
(06-06-2011, 06:44 PM)vsub Wrote: It's just different name EE Cyclerate <=> EE Sync Hack

Ah, thanks a lot Smile
It could also be the "EE timing hack" at the game fixes tab.
EE Timing hack breaks things in this game. (not to mention the bios).

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