emulating ps2 onto ps3 possible with linux but...
hi all i just regesterd to ask this question i was a fan of pcsx2 and i had a long time going with it but i forgot about it when i got my ps3 ,so
i was thinking about pcsx2 and what happend "my god its alot better now" and i was wondering about pcsx2 on linux via ps3 very smart idea but hard to be done, and its possible but its needs to change alot of code yeah but its possible to make it rum on ps3 as i know ps3 has a cpu "cell prossecor" with 1 main core and 6 cores that are slave to it or something,then the gpu is powerfull as a 7800gtx wich will have some good fps hehe yeah we must change the x86 code to the ppu code or something but its not impossible isnt it? i hope some body will explain this to me and thanks

sorry for my bad english mate and mattes.

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Writing a PS2 emulator from scratch for the PS3 is probably easier than trying to port PCSX2's x86 code over.
The PS3 is a single core processor with 8 SPE (1 disabled to help yield, 1 used exclusively by the system)... They have more in common with shader cores on your GPU than they do CPU cores.

Simple answer to your question: No. If PS2 could have been fully emulated in software, Sony would have done so. It would have saved them a ton of money on their hardware. While they were capable of emulating the EE in later PS3 models, they still required the physical VUs installed on the mainboard because of how different they work as compared to the PS3's video hardware.
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yeah u know its just an idea hehe :d
Asked before countless times though, and it's still not possible because PCSX2 is still x86 while the PS3 is still ppc.

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