emulating while computer is locked - windows 7
first off, pcsx2 is an epic program. my props to the devs, if i had a paypal account i'd donate.

everything works fine, but I am curious to know: in pcsx2 0.9.8 (stable release, i think, not an svn build), is there a way to keep emulating while my computer is locked? I'm in windows 7 and when I lock the comp (windows-L) the emulation, i am fairly certain, stops. I'd like to be able to run the emulation while my computer is locked, to abuse autolevel tricks in various games (such as persona 4) without having to sit there and make sure nobody messes with my comp. any possibilities or is this just one of those things windows does?

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What makes your fairly certain?

The locking thing only prevent others from accessing your computer. All running processes continue as normal. Downloading, file compressing... continue when the computer is locked. I have not tried PCSX2 yet, but it should be the same, because locking is a Windows feature, and PCSX2 has nothing to do with it.
I just tried with pcsx2 and yes,the emulation stop when I enter in that mode(started a game that shows a timer above and the timer was the same when I exit from that mode)

I use a simple program that allows everything to continue and even you are able to see what's going on but you won't be able to do anything unless you enter the password...or restart the pc(the password request still stays after sleep,lock or hibernate)

The program work as portable,it doesn't write anything to the registry.It creates an .ini file with the settings and the password(encrypted).
PS.The only thing you can do once you start the program is to set your password,but for more settings,create a shortcut to it,right click on the shortcut=>Properties and in "Target" add after .exe" /config
Now from the shortcut you can configure the program...text,picture,transparency,tries before wait and so on

I can continue playing the game(with gamepad)when the program is started but the keyboard/mouse are ignored(well the keyboard is not exactly,otherwise you won't be able to type the password,but shortcut combinations like Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Win button,or Log off,and so are blocked)

I don't know if it works on Win7 but you'll have problems if you play with keyboard...only gamepad works with pcsx2 while the program is running.
And btw do not set the transparency to 0%...below 1% the program becomes useless
The emulation is not stopped. Tested with the NTSC version of Black on PCSX2 r4918 under Windows 7 x64. The music continue playing and the opening FMV continue running as normal.
Well maybe it works on Win7 but it's not on XP...or there is some other reason.
With the program I posted,you can still see how pcsx2 is running.
i am quite certain that it does not emulate while locked, so i'm gonna try that program that vsub suggested.

at first all i did was remember the contents of the GS screen, lock the computer, and come back five minutes later to see what happened. to be more confident, i killed all the enemies on the screen to see how many kills i had gotten in the battle, screenshotted that and then returned to the battle via savestate. left it locked for five minutes while i watched a james bond movie, came back and killed the enemies again. in five minutes i should have had a whole pile of additional kills, but the game only showed me two, which i personally watched while i screenshotted the events. maybe i'm just looking at this wrong, but i don't have the time to do a really rigorous test so for now i will use that clearlock program. later i will ascertain with more confidence whether or not the game continues to emulate. thanks!
Well I'm certain that pcsx2 still continues to work(I can see how the game is running)...the program just add a transparent layer(you can also add image to hide everything or set the transparency to 100% to completely make the screen black)over everything and just ask for password to remove it.While this layer is active,everything else works like you didn't started the program but while clear lock is running,the mouse can't click on anything and the keyboard only allow typing the password,turning the pc off and going to sleep/hibernating mode

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