emulator core as a plugin
Why do you not make the core of the emulator as a plugin. In that case PCSX will become an abstract emulator and of course switching between PS1 and PS2 emulation will be as so easier as switching a plugin. Each "core" emulation plugin would be configurable (bios to use, etc...).

I suggest this because sometimes there are video plugins or joypad plugins that works flawlessly for PSX but unfortunately these plugins are not reusable on the PS2 because the PS2 emulator is another world.

It would be an "universal and abstract" emulator project in the future. Rolleyes
(eg. when switching to a SNES emulation plugin)

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Because it's a totally dfferent project, totally different code, definitely totally different hardware requirement. With people busy in real life as they are I doubt anyone will do this.

It sounds your asking for something like the MESS emulator. This project is much more complex than that particular system. There are many NES, SNES, and so on, emulators, but only one functioning ps2 emulator.
Let's try and understand the proposition. Making PCSX2 core a plugin would solve all problems... well, let's start asking plugin to "what"?

Or maybe we should ask differently: "what's a plugin to you?"

Edit: I think I understand the logic, turning PCSX2 a plugin to some universal Joypad plugin which has an universal video plugin (or vice versa) seems a fantastic idea indeed... just a bit too much fantastic Smile
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WAAAAAY to simplify things, bravo OP. Tongue2

Also, this looks like solution looking for problem more than anything else.

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