enable rumble with sixaxis
Hey guys I've recently install MotioninJoy (0.6.0005) and been trying to get rumble working when using pcsx2. There is a respond when i test rumble in MotioninJoy but somehow i can't get any respond in any setting i can think of using pcsx2 lilypad (0.11.0)

the game i've been testing it on is KH1

Any help?

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Did you enable vibration in the KH1 settings?
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The Sixaxis controllers do not have rumble, due to a patent thing.
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(04-21-2013, 07:01 PM)KrossX Wrote: The Sixaxis controllers do not have rumble, due to a patent thing.

err do not have rumble meaning it's using a different vibration thinggy?
Nope, it means it doesn't have haptics... it doesn't have the motors to go brum brum. Once the patent thingy was resolved, the DualShock 3 showed. The DS3 is the SIXAXIS + Haptics (rumble motors).

Pics: SIXAXIS, DualShock3
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ok then i'm using DS3, as i stated before i tested rumble with MotioninJoy and it has a respond.
didn't know both sixaxis and DS3 are different, thought there were the same cause my controller shows 2 of the names
Probably everybody is right here, Not all Chinese manufacturers know English so they are unaware of that patents thingy Smile ... or names.
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and don't use MotioninJoy and use this for your PS3 controller Smile http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-XInput-Wr...Controller
Yeah, if the controller has the motors (DS3) then just use Scarlet's driver.
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