error opening
I've configured the pcsx2svn and when i try to execute it , it is saying "cannot execute binary file".Please help me

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I had the same problem as you. It had me totally stumped, right until I compared the normal executable and the extracted svn file. The header of the svn file seemed weird, as if some part was there that shouldn't be. So I thought it might have been the extracting utility I use. And that was the problem! I was using 'the unarchiver' and using the normal osx 'archiving utilty' solved it. So to fix your problem:

when you right-click the .gz file, go to "open with" and choose "archive utility".
Extract the svn file from the archive, then double-click the file you just extracted. It should extract another file named "pcsx2svn 2" (or something like that). Delete the original file that was extracted and rename the new one to just "pcsx2svn." Then make it executable if it isn't already (chmod a+x pcsx2svn) and put it in your pcsx2/bin folder.

Note: I'm using TheUnarchiver as well, and this is the only file I've ever had a problem extracting with it, so I'm assuming this is just a really obscure bug in either the application or the file itself.

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