errors at launch games
hi guys ,and thanx a lot for your effort.
well, i followed all points of your config guide. but i can't see the plugin Cdvdroom:
EFP Iso CDVD v0.6.0(i use iso games).

for the first time i get run the game :syphon filter the omega strain,ok but when i closed the pcsx2 0.9.6, and when i run the same again, after couple hours, the program show me this:

-failed loading memorycard from file:memcards\mcd001.ps2

-failed loading memorycard from file:memcards\mcd002.ps2

and then ,this
-_cdvdopennvm:error creating bios\scph39001.nvm

another thing, why the folder :memcards is wrote with blue letters?

i hope you can help me,thanx again for the emu .sorry for my bad english

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Please read the FAQ, this is why we wrote it:
Your problem is error creating memcards/settings not being saved.

The memcard folder is in blue letters because the folder is NTFS compressed
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