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so, had anyone tried running PCSX2 with 6x scaling and got no lag??? how does it look?? didn't your eyes bleed because too much eyecandy??

I also would like know is there any monster GPU that could handle this insane resolution..

the main reason i posted this coz I got nothing from 6x native upscaling, except crashes...Laugh

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My GPU can handle many games at 3X Native... Smile But gets stuck at 6x Native. Probably A Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 could do that well. Laugh
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I'm thinking maybe the new Ati 7xxx or the Nvidia 6xx series would do that quiet easily BUT seriously the prices on those things could get you a mid-range desktop, I mean come on ppl who would spend that much on a GPU??? Ohmy
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It depends on the game.
I would say x6 is overrated on single display at least considering full hd is used only "for fame and show off". x4 would be enough without difference setting above it in most games, and in many x6 looks same as x3, as long as the game wouldn't crash, you could record it with internal recorder(F12) and compare it to your usual gameplay res. I made myself such test some time ago here and other than eyecandy from new gsdx the upscalling itself at least for this game wasn't making any difference for me above x3(or custom full hd). >.>
Generally it's still old bulky models, and graphics of already ancient, past generation console and increasing res by more than our display native will not really change that, in compare to any modern pc game it just hides among indie games(same can be said about gameplay through and that's often above some of the new bestsellers:]).
I can play some games at 6x but there's barely a difference between that and my usual 3x, especially with FXAA enabled. The main benefit of 6x is for huge monitors that support higher than 1080p. What sucks though is some games look kinda blurry even at 6x (Fatal Frame, Bouncer), I'm not sure if they need 10x or if it's just the graphics engine ;p
(05-05-2012, 09:49 PM)synce Wrote: I'm not sure if they need 10x


you made me spilled my coffee...Laugh
It's not visible. I can't discern any difference between x4,x5 or x6. Maybe if you outputted in a 50'' projector screen...
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Since up scaling does not increase the original resolution, it becomes beautifully blurred at some point...

Do you know that bell curve (or Gauss curve), it's related with optimization. The optimum is at it's top. In this particular case, the cost continue increasing after that point while quality can't be increased at all due to physical limitation, even as a simulacrum of the anti aliasing effect.
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I can see a little difference between 4x, 5x and 6x scaling.
It's really subtle, though.

For example,
if you look across the ground of a 3D field while you move,
you can see the sort of distortion (or "pixelation") at a certain distance.
The distance before this starts does increase a bit.

It is nothing worth going out of your way for, though.

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