faster on windows 7?
From what I've heard, Windows 7 handles multithreading better than XP and Vista, so PCSX2 should run faster, in theory. Now that the 'official' beta is out, I can finally ask this:
Has anyone noticed any significant speed increases on PCSX2 while using Windows 7, or made any comparisons?

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I have tried it on both Windows xp and Windows 7 and it seems like it runs a little bit faster.
probably it will be much more efficient running quads than xp or vista
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I only have XP64 to compare it to and I already did some benching in 7, comparing DX9 and 10:
Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
  3705,     60000,  44, 152, 61.750
Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
  3785,     60000,  46, 161, 63.083

That was the FFX "intro" in 2048x2048, no speedhacks, default advanced settings using ATI's 7 Beta driver.

Here's a screeny containing pretty much all the info you could possibly want Tongue
Same scene without frameskip / limit reaches 89fps.
Task Manager shows pretty equal core usage, all of which is PCSX2 somehow. I don't really know how that's possible with only 2 threads but who cares, it just works Tongue

€: I just noticed the GPUs remain in "idle"-Mode with GSdx in windowed mode, clocked 507/1000 instead of 750/1800Excl.
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maybe someone is interested in my performance comparison between xp (dx9) and windows 7 (dx10)...

system: e8400 at 4ghz, 4gb ram, gtx 280
os: xp 32bit, windows 7 beta

the percentage next to the fps is the number shown in the title of the main window ("The cpu usage reported there is only for GSdx, the emulator is not included.")

god of war
xp: 52 fps, 40%
7: 53 fps, 30%

xp: 55 fps, 80%
7: 55 fps, 50%

xp: 67 fps, 30%
7: 67 fps, 22%

ff x
xp: 90 fps, 40%
7: 90 fps, 31%

as you can see, the cpu usage by gsdx drops with windows7/dx10, but this barely changes fps.
That's because those games are PCSX2-dependant (as opposed to the graphics plugins).
Try a game that had GSDX previously show 95-99% for.
sounds logical. from my games, the only one which shows such high numbers under xp is:

ff xii
xp: 60 fps, 90%
7: 70 fps, 50%

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