fatal frame 3
i think theres either something wrong with the video in the iso, or my guess, with my extremely basic knowledge, is possibly the video plugins?

anyways heres the problem as i've noticed thus far.

when i turn fatal frame 3 on, and i let it sit on the press start menu, when it goes to the little movie it plays, it goes to a black screen. then just sits there. whether i press a button, or wait, nothing happens, its just a black screen.

so i then decided to skip the opening and press new game. after i clicked new game, it goes to another black screen. doesnt load anything from there.

my frame rate was just fine, so i dont think i was lagging or anything.
and also, i tried both beta pcsx2 and non-beta for this game.

my other games work fine (besides some graphical errors in persona 4 and melty blood actress again, but nothing severe)

anyways can anyone help me out? i'd greatly appreciate it

oh btw, i dont know if it would make a difference but i also opened the iso with winrar to take a look in it, it doesnt look like my other games when i opened them, so i thought i'd post it here for you guys to look at and tell me if somethings wrong

[Image: Untitled-20.jpg]

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Status: Menus.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yeah i just saw that. disappointing.

apparently it works though, if you can get a save past the menus.
but i dont want to bother with it if its going to freeze on me at every video scene.
ah well, cant complain about a work in progress though, im happy enough to be able to play the games i have played thus far

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