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fatal frame 3 investigations and issues
okay so now i tested this game and there are some problems with it.The first one are the fps they are somewhat slow,not that slow but still not perfect,specially when i increase the internal resolution.But the thing i didnt understand is that in fact i can play all my games at x2 and x3 scale without any problems,and that includes heavy titles such as god of war 1 and 2.So making just a wild guess i think that this game does a lot of tricks in the gs so even increasing the internal resolution a bit cut me about 5-10 fps.But then today i decided to do 2 things,the first one is trying some gamefixes and guess what? one of them gives me 10-15 fps increase !!! the EEtiming hacks seems to give an awesome speed up,then i tried to do some skipdraw and i noticed that if you set it to 1 the screen will get darker but you will get another awesome speed boost,strange indeed,if i can get that speed up without getting the darker screen it will be great,any ideas?

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Yea, I got one idea: We give you guys too many hacks to play with Tongue2

Seriously, by now you can hack the ***** out of games with the options we provide.
Just be happy about it but remember that these are hacks and they break stuff, hmk?

Games aren't really heavy or mild or whatever. It all comes down to what they do to create
their graphics. If one or more of these things cause GSdx to go berserk you loose FPS. Simple as that Tongue2
but thats ok rama,hacks are fun,not only break things but often make games work faster.And they are needed beacuse i just love test games with different configs and hacks,i think that`s all the fun about emulation,it isnt about playing a game,it is about making that game work properly
Unfortunately I don't have that game to try these hacks. Still the skipdraw issue is understandable (yet speculatively) since as far I know and just for observation of the effects, it seems to skip an overlay level, hence it could mean the whole mini map, or the HUD itself or part of it may disappear, part of the menus including the cursors and so on.

On the other hand this may remove some offending layer, like it was found skipdraw 4 and offset hack does miracle for Xenosaga 3 flashback cutscenes.
Based on this the darkened screen is an unavoidable consequence and the speed increase makes sense. Lower resolution still is a better option if the skipdraw 1 is too hindering to compromise, at least until some other way to squeeze more juice from the CPU/GPU is found.

You could try some others values for the skipdraw, always observing carefully what is being lost.
Imagination is where we are truly real
@ nosisab Ken Keleh

Yeah i know thanks for the reply,i already tried skipdraw from 1-10 with the same effect "speedup-darker screen",and this darker screen just ruins you all the fun,beacuse this games does a lot of tricks with the lights,shadows and so on,so i prefer to play it under native mode with no soo good graphics that doing that skipdraw and playing with even worse graphics.Besides lets face it,i think that this game pushes the ps2 to its limits,i mean it really have very good graphics by itself.

Edit: For people willing to play this game i should warn you that some speedhacks doesnt have any positive effects,thats the case for the VU cycle stealing wich it appears to have the oposite desired effect (it displays fake full fps but it will go slow mo),as for the EEcycle rate hack,you should keep this one in the middle beacuse if you set it higher you will encounter some skippy sounds specially during fmv`s wich are one of the strongest points in this game,then as for the other two hacks INTC speed detection and wait loop detection doesnt appear to have any negative effect so i keep them on.

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