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Hi guys, i wanted to thank all the coders and everyone involved in making the pcsx2 emu, great job but i also want to request putting a quick reset on the keyboard like f1 or whatever your choice like when your in full screen mode you can quickly reset the emu without exiting full screen, thanks.

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F1 is used by save. But what use case you have in mind? What's so important in reset?
reset to fix mistakes, when the game crashes sometimes a reset will fix it. stuff like that probably
your right it's not that important, just thought it would be faster if you were stuck in a game and you had reset the emulator. instead of pressing escape to exit full screen,system,shutdown then restarting the game then pressing Alt+Enter to go back into full screen you could just press a key. its nothing big just thought that would be more easy.
i think hes right about having a reset button... i agree with him.. its somehow tiring
good idea man that would be a awesome feature!
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There was a reset function in 9.6, and 9.7 is not complete yet might be implemented further down the line.
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It also needs a way to save configs and be able to load them per game you are playing, so I don't have to have 10 different pcsx2 folders for 10 games... (Too many speedhacks and options etc to change each time I play a different game)
well I would say why not make a button combination towards Reboot CDVD (Full and/or Fast) that would do the trick aswell Smile

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