[feature suggestion] Analog Sensitivity
I have a xb360 controller which has 16 bit analog inputs and noticed how little i needed to press on the analog triggers to get maximum acceleration. Analog is indeed working as intended, but it seems that the input maxes out at 1023 whereas my controller goes up to 64000.
That issue was fixed by some iterations on the Sensitiviy settings (0.180 accell and .350 in braking btw. They're not the same for some reason), but that's not how sensitivity is supposed to work, at least in my conception.

Keep in mind I only know about programming basic stuff and have no idea how hard it is to implement something on a fully fledged software.

The way it currently works is that the Sensitivity setting is akin to the Calibration on standard Windows gamepad calibration. So, it could borrow the configs from there and save the user some setting up.
Image below illustrates how Sensitivity is supposed to work.

I would very much like this to be a feature. I like accel. and brake to be linear (IRL they're not if you have a carburetor or your ECU is mapped to not be linear) and steering to be around 0.900.
Yes, I only use the emulator for Gran Turismo.

Could this be implemented? Thanks in advance.

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I think what you mean is a feature I implemented in Pokopom called linearity, the curve that is. However, with how the sensitivity feature works and seems to be implemented, would require some range adjustment as well.

Certainly doable... eventually.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
It goes by many names.
I'm drawing from Arma 3 where it's called Sensitivity and they actually show an Input/output graph like I posted when you go set it up.
Anyways, it's a pretty neat feature that helps a lot with precision maneuvering. Only people who play racing and flying games stand to benefit though.

BTW, I just tested with Steering sensitivity. Setting it to .400 gives no output at all. Made me hug the tire wall. Weird.

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