fedora and/or Appimage and plugins (buzzers)

I am absolutely new to pcsx2 and I am not really a gamer.
But I bought a used game for my wife which is using those wired buzzers.
Now I created the iso, connected the buzzers using usb and started pcsx2.
Unfortunately the game tells me that there are no controllers connected.
I read something about usb plugin and stuff, but I am a little bit unsure how this should be done.
I am using fedora and the only binary in the repo for pcsx2 is the program itself.
But even if I run pcsx2 as root, the buzzers are not recognized by the game.
It would be very nice if anyone could advice me how to activate them.
I am not hesitating on compiling stuff or something, just a little bit lost as I do not know pcsx2 yet...
Best regards and thanks in advance,

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Hi Otto,

Did you figure out a solution to your problem?
I have been recently dealing with a similar situation and maybe could help if you haven't found a solution yet Smile
well, unfortunately not for linux.
I ended up using pcsx2 under windows with a working dll for the buzzers.
As I only use this rarely it is ok for me....
Oh ok, good enough.  
If you want to try it again in linux, I suggest using this application: "pcsx2-v1.7.3700-linux-AppImage-64bit-wxWidgets.AppImage"
I had to manually configure the controllers by doing the following: 
1. Going to "Config -> USB Settings"
2. Setting "Device Type" to "Buzz Device"
3. Setting "Device API" to "DInput" 
4. Pressing "Configure" and manually mapping each controller/button to the relevant values

Attached a pic from my Windows config (but it is almost exactly the same in Linux, did it on my Steam Deck)

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