few GSdx questions
How is GSdx running in linux/opengl now? Last I looked into it it was only working in software rendering, but there was active development for hardware rendering too. Is the hardware rendering in a usable state now or is it still better to use software rendering? The reason I ask is because I'd like to be able to play games at a higher resolution etc. How's the future looking for the plugin on linux? is it still getting active developement? thanks for all your guys hard work i love it.

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Software rendering use openGL too Tongue2 Unfortunately I didn't have time to do improvement on the hardware renderer recently. However the future is looking bright. Tools and free drivers become better and better every day. If only they could GLSL improve support.

The near future of the plugin is to "port" it on windows, so we can test the opengl implementation of window opengl drivers.
do you use free drivers exclusively and code for the free drivers exclusively, or does having the source code from the free drivers just make it a lot easier to code for the proprietary drivers?

and when you say port it on windows, do you mean port the linux code to be compatible with windows so that you can debug it there before you bring it back to linux, or are you in the process of porting it from windows to linux?

lol you don't have to answer all my questions, but i find this stuff interesting. thanks for the info.
Yes too much question Wink

Nah I don't use the free driver. I uses catalyst only that my main issue, open source driver are useless until they implement recent version of GLSL. I'm limited by driver bugs and worst driver crashes. With the opensource driver I will be able to get a stack trace, on catalyst I got only this information "0x..... /usr/lib/fglrx.so segfault"..... Besides open source drivers will allow me to test the code on several drivers implementations (my AMD GPU, and my girlfriend Intel GPU).

Windows is the same story. Opengl is cross compatible between linux and Window. Only the window (not the OS) management is different. So someone (because I wiped out Window a long time ago...) will be able to test the Window opengl driver.

Currently it is nigh and day when you compare nvidia/intel/amd opengl drivers.

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