ffx and ffx-2 question
FFX and FFX-2 question.
Ive played ffx on the 0.9.6 release version and it ran perfectly fine up until around djose temple then it crashed (for other reasons) but ffx-2 runs so slow. Idk if its because ffx-2 has higher graphics or what. the only graphics plugin that works for it without giving me this blinking emulation of the game and a crosshatching kind fo design when playing the opening movie is the zz ogl pg 0.1.0. but even that sometimes gives a blinking emulation. but other than that when i can actually get the thing to not blink and what not, it runs so slow like 45 fps when its in movie mode but like 23 fps when im fighting in the beginning. everything is in slow motion and ive tried alot fo the speed hacks and it only give me like a couple fps extra to it. my computer is a pretty good computer i think and i dont understand how a ps2 can play these games when it has technology from a decade ago in it but a computer from now cant run it smoothly no problem. idk if this is a bug or my computer is to slow to play ffx-2 (but it can play ffx). dont make sense to me

my desktop

intel core i3 2.93 ghz
6 Gb 1333mhz ram
ati radeon 5450 (1gb)

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Replacing the downloaded part with "other reasons" doesn't make your other post magically disappear. So until you actually buy your games, no support will be given here. Closed again.
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