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hi guys... ^^ thanks for this very good emu... really really good... ummm can you guys help me.. ive been playing ffx for almost 10hrs... then the game freeze at the fmv when this kid says " whats going on" anyone have a save state after that fmv.. really appreciate it thnx in advance ^^,

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Try using the latest public beta (r1888). It will fix almost all major crashes and glitches in FFX.
Before moving over to the newer version: if you are using save states, load your state while still in your current version of PCSX2, save to your memory card using in-game save sphere, then use the newer version and load using the memory card. Save states will most likely not work across versions.
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im using the latest public data(r1888) when i started playing.. well i started playing ff 12 it works fine.. but still i want to finish ffx.. so i really appreciate it if somebody has a savestate after that fight at mushroom rock.. ^^, thx for the reply booger.. and thnx pcsx2 team.. for making a great job!
Hi. In an amazing coincidence, I happened to have just gotten past this part and have a game save exactly right after that cutscene. Do you still need it?
Here, I just figured out how to extract it from my memory card and attach it to this post. I used a program called mymc-alpha-2.5.

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If you want to make your save be in the same spot as his save (so you don't lose your stuff), download FFXED and enter this information into your save:

World Location: 131
Room Position: 3
Storyline Position: 922
wow! tnx alot me9atron... ill try this... teee hee!!! thank you! ^^,
and fuzzy... tnx! ^^, love you guys!!

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