ffx international and tales of abyss ntsc
Ok my FFX problem isnt that major both games run fine

my specs are intel i7 950 3.07ghz
nvidia 460 sli
12 gig ram

FFX problem i save at every savepoint i am currently at kilika forest when i load the save i hear audio but no visuals at all. previous saves load fine.

Now ToA problem i am at part going to kaitzur docks. Going there i talked to van fine background noise of workers going nuts kept playing really annoying even when i walked to the field map now game starts to get really low performance when i get into a fight i crash in about 1 min all time. I loaded previous save at kaitzur checkpoint and it crashed once i got into a battle as well. When i load my save state the menu cursor goes out control up and down frequently. I kinda think its a controler issue because when i get into battle it says 1p and 2p on a monster it did not say that before both instances where it crashed had 1p and 2p monster thing. ToA is awesome hoping for it to work till end Laugh

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Are you only using save states? If so, make an actual in-game save, restart the emu, then load the in-game save and see if you still have these issues.

[Image: 2748844.png]
no i am saving ingame i got one of the latest builds it fixed all my problems. but the 1p 2p stuff still there.
Very odd, I've never had any sort of problem like that with TotA... Can you post your exact settings that you are using for the game?
[Image: 2748844.png]
is there a way to post my settings like a log files right?
Just take screenies of your setting windows and post them. That'll be fine.

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