ffx is it playble on my system?
hi there! Biggrin im a new member here. i dont know if this is the right place to ask questions.Sad

can i play final fantasy x on a decent speed?

heres my computer specs:
core2duo 2.93Ghz E7500
1gb ram
256 intel gma 3100
window xp

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it will run but very slow because you haved a built-ined video card making it too weak for pcsx2 including macromedia flash games found many in facebook or even scrolling the map in speedtest.net.
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do you think the GeForce 7300GT 256MB or 512MB will be good enough to run the game final fantasy x in good speed?
It would be better... But not ideal...

You may be able to get full speed on your built-in video but you will get random slowdowns on certain spell effects and likely be stuck using native resolution.

Only having 1GB of ram and 256MB dedicated to your graphics may cause some slowdowns too.
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i just found a video card, its just 128MB geforce fx 5200, is it better than to my built in card? im sorry, i dont have too much knowledge in video cards.
No. Or if it is, not enough. To get good performance with PCSX2 you need a midrange modern processor that supports DX10/11.
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Those are all really old cards and would perform little better than IGP. TigerDirect has a $40 9800 GT, I believe. If you're going to upgrade, go with that one. You'd be hard pressed to find anything better for around the same price.

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