ffx lulu overdrive can't even do 1
I using lilypad 0.9.11 , right analog stick buttons Home, End, Del and Pg Dwn can't even do 1 overdrive. I'm doing clockwise and counter clockwise none work. How do u guys do it?

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I use a gamepad Tongue2

Try using TwinPad plugin it can do those kind of combos easy with keyboard.
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try use mouse
how to use mouse
open the button config of lilypad, press every direction of the analog stick you want to configure and move your mouse in the corresponding direction. using the keyboard seems to be a bad choice, because afaik you'll have to press up, up+right, right, down+right, down, left+down, left, left+up in a smooth sequence to count. just up, then right, then down and left won't do.
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Sry how does it do it again.

Edit: I got it

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