ffx video and fmv skipping?
Hi all

Pcsx2 rules!!

anyways i'm playing through ffx, is there a way to skip the videos and fmv's that take forever!?

I was playing it through before and got all the way to just after luca but i lost my mecards due to me not backing up properly. If anyone happens to have a good save with the jet shot (yes i i spelt it wrong Smile) just after luca let me know Smile


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try search here
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Thanks for replying

Had a good look through this post but i didn't see anything to skip the fmv's. I guess its just not possible Sad
Eh... first post on that thread links to a skipping videos thread or do you mean it didnt work?
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oh right its because the game title was Naruto Ultimate Ninja so i didn't think it would work of final fantasy 10. I'll give it all a good read through. thanks for the help
lol i'm not getting very far i can't find the program ps2dis. has anyone already done this and posted the patch details? i've not been bale to find it in the thread
lol followed the guide which told me not to do it.

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