final fantasy XII and general question about emulator

i have a big problem..


so where is exactly the TRUE download link for it and can anyone PLEASE send me a WOKRING final fantasy XII (12) download link which i can play with?

i watched like 1000000 videos and 1000000x tutorials and still too stupid to start this game on my own..

i got a link in "coolrom" but this didnt worked.. instead of playing the game this programm file brought me to powerlink to burn the CD .. lol..

the other file at coolrom is only 60kb/s and normally i have 900-1000 kb/s

please... what can i just do to play this game on a ps2 emulator ...

i just dont understand what to do..

Ps : i prefer playing it on german language but if its not possible im also very fine with english

Edit : i have 2,4 GHZ and 4GB ram i guess and i5 samsung R780 laptop..

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