final fantasy colgado
hace poco me descargue este emulador y he estado jugando al final fantasy x, per se me cuelga despues de la secuencia en la que yuna realiza el "envio" de los espiritus la primera vez que llegas a kilaka, se me queda la pantalla en negro y no carga lo siguiente. No cre que se por culpa del ordenador ya que no va ni al 70%
aqui estan al especificaciones del ordenador:
procesador: intel core 2 duo E4300 1,8Gz
grafica ati radeom x1650
ram:2 Gb
SO: windows vista

Y la configuracion del pcsx2
GSdx 551 (MSVC 15.00, SSSE3) 0.1.14
1024X768 72Hz
Direct3D9 (hardware)
Pixel shader 2.0

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oh man not again,another spanish asking for help i cant resist,well you will have to grab the latest pcsx2 from here,then report back
english only, please
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man why do these guy's keep coming up like this I am not from an english speaking Country but I can speak and write english even in though its not that Good don't they know this is an English Only Community forum I even Remember I guy way back when posting here with russian Letters dont they read a Post in the forum before typing something in there native language

PS: Viva EL Filipinas
Happy Independence Day To all Filipino's
Mabuhay ang PinoY
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Quote:I am not from an english speaking Country

What do you mean non-english country? That's practically our second official language.
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Calm down guys, we occasionally get these topics.
No need to bash the poster in 20 replies, is there? Tongue2

(06-16-2010, 12:26 AM)jesalvein Wrote: english only, please
he says that downloads from internet pcsx2 and what the emu still with FFX when yuna send the spirits the first time when he stay on kilika Laugh..
the problem is what he is using an old version of pcsx2,,,

amigo descargate la version 0.9.7 que es la ultima y actualiza el DirectX y contanos
thx newstyle, I speak spanish too.
but as the rules state : it's an english only forum.
so please, don't give credit to the op answering in spanish.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
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