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final fantasy x on asus x45u1800
first of all, i'm sorry for my bad english...

i just want to know if i can run final fantasy x on my laptop...

my specs are :
Amd e2-1800 1.7Ghz dual core
Amd radeon hd 7340
ram 4 gb
windows 7 ultimate 64bit

is there any tips to make it playable on my laptop...

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Maybe with some slowdown. But really your rig is too weak.
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also that is an apu. you are probably not only limited by your cpu but also by your gpu...
i just want to play ffx.. is there any way i can do with my laptop? It's just that my ps2 is damaged and can't be repaired.. i missed ffx too damn much...
it will run but most likely it won't be at 60fps.
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Set power plan to high performance. Keep it plugged in. Experiment with speedhacks to see what works best. Use native resolution. Or if all else fails...
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