final fantasy xii compatibility
new to pcsx2 and typing on my cellphone so please forgive my lack of pleasantries. Ff12 is marked as playable on the site. Are there many bugs still lurking? I have a decent pc. Core i3, 3gb ddr3, gt220. If its too buggy i'd rather buy a new ps2 but i'm hoping most bugs are ironed out. Become a bit negative due to many problems posted online granted most are for older versions though

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Nope, works perfectly with the latest beta
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What are these many problems you are refering to?
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99% of the bugs in ff12 are worked out by now, those bugged reports were probably from 0.9.4, which is LONG outdated I haven't yet beat ff12 but I can say it's been fine so far
playing it and plays even better then the original, and that i mean playing on ps2 hardware Tongue
Yeah FF12 is a shining example of why PCSX2 kicks ass. On an American PS2 you're stuck with low res graphics and a terrible dub, on PCSX2 there's you can get 1080p resolution and there's no region lock Biggrin
Final Fantasy 12, Kingdom Hearts (I/II) all these work at MOSTLY steady framerates as long as your computer is at least decent, with your Specs you should be able to run it quite smoothly. My system is a bit less powerful and ive been playing KH at a constant 50-60 FPS, only dips down sometimes during cutscenes that require a lot of power
I've completed this game a long time ago, but It was playable from the begining until the end Smile. Also if you are using an i3, a little overclocking wouldn't hurt Wink
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