first & second controller
I just want to ask whether the second controller slot still any meaning has (in the configuration that is). and if it doesn't I would like to ask if it will be deleted or why it won't

not too long ago i too had questions like whether it is posible to play with 3 pr 4 player or why the emulator would do every thing twice (like saving, slot change or interlacing change) that happens when two different controller plugins are used

it's simply confusing

i hope i offended nobody, this is in noway meant to be offensive or pushy!!!
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Chalk me up in the "why's it changing modes twice" category. Might be nice if it at least got an entry in the FAQ, if it's a recurrent question!
As a matter of fact, it's a leftover from ancient times, and there's not much reason to keep this system. It may be modified or removed in the near future Smile
but i think it's useful since you could play with 2 players on games that support 2 or more playersSmile

(except that the lilypad plugin has it implemented by itself)but for ssspx and other plugins it's usefulRolleyes
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja

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