first time use pcsx2 need some help

its my first time to use pcsx2 and i have no idea how i run it

all i know is with pcsx2 i can play god of war 1 and 2

now when i start pcsx2 it ask me bout bios files but i have no idea what that meaning

can some one help me step by step how to play god of war 1 with pcsx2 v. 1.0.0

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You must dump the BIOS from your PS2 console.
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The PS2 BIOS is copyrighted by Sony, and is not distributed with PCSX2 package.

Edit: Maybe you should start reading from here:
1st of all you need good PC

If your PC good,everything will be alright Smile
Also you need to configure PCSX2

And some questions can be answered

PS2 and some games .
Very Simple Smile

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