[fixed] Eternal Poison - partially visible!
Here is some cool stuff! I just tired to bood EP (still had it) and it was visible. The battles are stilll black with sound efx and music, but the battle menu is visible and see for yourself...
PCSX 0.9.7. 2345 rev
GSDX 2332 (SSE4.1) (DX10 mode - Hardware, native
Lilly Pad/Pressure pad

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Good to know. Would be interesting to see which exact revision fixed this game again. I guess this issue should get closed now
Did you try ZZOgl and/or GSdx software mode to see if the battle textures appear?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
As I remeber before the GSDX fix of "Dark Chronilces invention bug" it was still black. I`ve downed 2345 with the latest plugins and it was like that. Unfortunately did not had the time to test software mode or VU legacy/recommended or other stuff... Just did 3 shots that might help and left the gaming PC Sad
Most probably this one:
By the way, this game report a lot of IPU TIES on start level.
I`ll test GSDX software mode and will report soon. I forgot to tell that I am not using speed hacks. I was lame, sorry.
I tested software mode. Menus and FMW work perfectly. Still nothing on the actual ingame gfx only black.

Ahh I forgot. It also threw a DMA error

EE stack = 1ff0000
Update module … irx/ioprp300.img
*PCSX2*: DMA error: 0359d021
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Use the latest rev. The game runs great. Use ZZogl. And it still bug in the text of talking scenes.
Yea, it's some sort of funky z-buffer issue. Dunno if the z-buffer is supposed to be disabled while displaying text, or the text is supposed to be drawn with a higher z value, or what, but disabling the z-buffer while drawing text basically fixes the issue. Not sure where the actual bug is. My hack to fix it is too funky and game specific to release.
Could you provide a picture of this text issue?

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