for some reason raw doesnt help in cheat engine, help?
trying to use codebreaker: action replay codes with my cheat engine, but it just aint working, got the omniconverter, and i finish the codes and here's what it looks like:
999999 money in kh2 fm
2032DF70 000F423f
action replay

the raw looks exactly like the codebreaker code, so cool. but! i manually look up the money area in cheat engine and get 10a92f70 0000????
(i dont need 999999 money, so i dont use the full 5 digits)
is there another conversion tool i can use to make the codebreaker/raw code work with cheat engine? i dont like pnach files, rather modify on the fly for whatever my need.

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Which pcsx2 revision are you using?
pcsx2 9.7 3876 svn
Since r4029 pcsx2 base address start from 20000000,so any raw code you find you can just place it into your cheating program and add 2 at the beginning
2032DF70 000F423f
For ArtMoney since he have a file which contains the base address of pcsx2(not all versions)you just have to add the cheat without the first digit
32DF70 000F423f
PCSX2 memory range is 0000000-1FFFFFF

You are finding different address because the base address for r3876 don't start from 20000000.You need to find from where it start to be able to use raw cheats.Once you find it,when you find the cheat you want you must:
Base address minus Your Cheat that you find using Cheat Engine = The cheat that pcsx2 can use or in other words this is the raw code.

With the code above
032DF70(the first digit is always ignored) + the base address = the address that cheat engine can use.

By using anything newer than r4029 you don't need to convert anything(the code above will be the same in cheat engine 2032DF70).Keep in mind that if the raw cheat look like this 1132DF70,you need to change the first 1 to 2(2132DF70).
its too late in the morning for me, could you break it down a bit simpler? and im using cheat engine, not artmoney. also, haven't been doing this for long, about 2 weeks really.
This can't be any simpler...just read it carefully,and the ArtMoney part was just an example(he do the calculation that explained above automatically)
well, i got bored an ddid some math, waking back up a bit more, and heres what i found.
high drive recovery in cheat engine
in non hex:
codebreaker norm
un hexed:
or: 5AB0D5D
ap boost
cheat engine
un hex
codebreaker norm
un hexed
in hex: 5B70D61

the differences are different, so i dont think is just an addition/subtraction problem.
in cheat engine, they are separated by 4numbers peroid, but in codebreaker, they are separated by 12 and the area is much higher in the digits. a difference nearly in the millions in hex.
I see some of ym problem now... after quitting pcsx2 9.7 i loaded pcsx2 9.6 and tried the cheat engine code as a patch (works if i do it with that setup, wanted to see if it would transfer.) didn't transfer. so i go back to 9.7 and load my previous stuff, only to find my hp max, my hp current and teh item codes have changed around on me. great.
so scratch that idea, i was thinking that the locations and codes did not move around every time you reset it. am i completely screwed in this endeavor, and need to go to pnach files, or is there some way around this? the only reason i want to learn to convert the codes is to do things i cant figure out with trial and error, like get in antiform and use two keyblades and final moveset. i was hoping it was some algebra like 2.5A + 4x or something, something with a formula...
To able to find the base address,you must have some code that you know it works.
Since the new gui of pcsx2 don't have a cheat searching engine yet,you must use some of the old gui versions.

Just find something simple like money in the old gui of pcsx2 and search for the same thing with cheat engine while you are using the new gui of pcsx2.Ones you find both addresses:
Cheat Engine on the new - Old Gui Pnach Finder = base address of r3876

CodeBreaker cheats most of the time point to a different address than the one you find while using cheating program to find cheats(codebreaker cheats are not created that way...the authors are probably using memory dumps and ps2dis)

Edit:If the base address is the same on every pc with r3878 then,the base address is 10015000
Edit2:The base address changes between pcsx2 versions and that's why working codes(finded by cheating programs) don't work on other revs...that's why I told you to use anything newer than r4029 because the address there is fixed on that starting point and never will be changed(I hope).So cheats that you create on r4029 will work on anything newer but not older
but it seems not to be the same location evry time you restart the pcsx2 with cheat engine. so hiw would it work anyway? would i have to refind something simle like money and then do the math? cause the weird thing was that the codes for two items were right next to each other on cheat engine, but weren't on the codebreaker codes, there were some in it seems hard to believe a simple addition/subtraction problem will solve my problems. sorry if im making you pull your hair out over it, i keep feeling like your next post will make me facepalm screaming "of course! brillant!"
also noticed that in the cheat engine, the three codes seperating the items base number between each other are the item number, item number X256, X256^2, and X256^3
does this have any revelance to what im trying to do, or is it just how its built?
If the code address is different every time on the same pcsx2 version,then either you didn't find the correct address or the game have some kind of protection(those games are rare)

Just to prove you that it's just a simple addition/subtraction...couple of days ago I was adding some cheats on one game and since I don't want to waste time finding the code myself I just go to the codebreaker site,find the game and the cheats that I need(convert them to raw because they were encrypter with codebreaker V1+ encryption)and then just place then into ArtMoney(it's the same with Cheat Engine if you using anything newer than r4029)and they worked without problems.

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