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Hi !

I don't know if a known issue but it looks like has some issues with Opera broswer (40.0.2308.81).

[Image: sans_titre_1_by_shaolinassassin-dak9u7i.png]

Thought it should be reported.

Have a nice day !

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What's the problem exactly, and did you verify that it doesn't happen with other browsers?
(10-07-2016, 01:34 PM)avih Wrote: What's the problem exactly, and did you verify that it doesn't happen with other browsers?

Sorry, the pic got resized.  I got this message when I come here :

Quote:I'm sorry, but you are banned. You may not post, read threads, or access the forum. Please contact your forum administrator should you have any questions.

Like I said, it happens only with Opera (version 40.0.2308.81) - works fine with Firefox. I just thought it worthed to be reported.

Edit : same message when Im not login btw. Tried the usual stuff (cleared cache, login/logout...), still the same.
Hmm.. you look fine at the admin page. Maybe bositman knows?

Maybe you're using some vpn (via opera main servers?) and we've banned that range of IPs?

What ip address do you get with ? Same ip when you're using Opera and Firefox?

Also, I just downloaded opera and used it to log in to the forum just fine, and in fact I'm adding this line using Opera. So it has to be something on your side and not an Opera issue.

And now I've logged in successfully after enabling Opera's VPN feature, and indeed I get an Opera's VPN IP address (, but no issues. It's still possible/likely though that Opera's VPN has many IP addresses, and possibly we've banned some of them due to excessive spamming coming from them (since spammers like to hide their IP address, they possibly used Opera's VPN for that).

So if the issue is Opera's VPN, then no real solution. Try to disable the VPN while surfing the forum.
I may have found the issue. When Opera turbo option is enabled, IP adress is not the same anymore. What is weird is that now I can come online again with Turba enabled and have no problem. Seems to be only from time to time, maybe when I got some specific IP.

Thank you for your answers and have a nice day !

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