frame limit in emulator's "new style"
where can i configure a frame limite in "new style" emulator. i mean a new svn emulator.
in old SVN i could press F4 or select it in CPU configurations. How can i do it in SVM like 2004 or 1965 ? the game is too fast! Unsure
i attached an image what emulator i mean when i say "new style".

sorry for my bad english...

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You just can't

This is a testing version, known to be highly unstable and lacking some features.
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so, i can do nothing?
yep, only vsync checked have chance to do it, of not nothing can help
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it's really a shame that noone uses the search funktion Sad Am i the only one? There are 21234 threads about this already. Close...
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vsync doesnt work good. well thanks for the help. i hope next SVN builds will support frame limite.
I was always wondering about those endless threads about those kind of complains.
There is fully working old gui version which has all the feature that you search for on the new gui and that version is A LOT more stable than the WX version(new gui)

Also the most recent revision of the old gui is not old at all...r1972.
When you're going to download a beta not from here,download the legacy version(old gui) not pcsx2-r???? which is the new gui with all those missing features that you are searching for.

And btw there was a bug with LilyPad recently(the F4 button wasn't working)but since r2001 it works again(I don't know about wx but it's ok legacy)
We knew this would happen when we switched the main trunk to wx.
But still, it's awesome to see how many people blindly use the latest alpha code, thinking it's perfectly safe Tongue2

alex001, this is what you'll want to use now:

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