frame limiter problem
Now, I'm never one to complain about high framerate, but I've got kingdom hearts 2 running on PCSX2 1.0.0 with the frame limiter set to normal, and instead of 50-59 fps im getting 70 or so. Its increased the pace of the game a little too much for normal ps2 speeds and is affecting the sound, so im wondering if theres a bug with it, or if im just missing a setting or two?

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have you set the pcsx2 on default settings?
also check if you have any v-sync options enabled in the amd/nvidea control panel
Maybe you're pressing tab for some reason toggling the frame limiter to turbo mode?
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Do you have the Disable Framelimiting Option in GS (in emulation Setting) checked or have you pressed the F4 Key? If so disable 'Disable Framelimiting'. Tongue2
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