fullscreen causes performance to suffer
Ive researched this issue quite a bit and found a few other threads online of people having the same issue going back 3-4 years. The performance on the games I run works great in a window, even if its maximized, but once I double click to go fullscreen, performance drops A LOT, specifically in certain levels on soul calibur 3. One level where you're fighting on a wooden raft going around a castle's moat runs alright, but once the sun is in view, it's unplayable. Once i double click to bring it out of fullscreen and back to windowed mode it speeds back up to normal. Vsync is off in both my graphical settings (AMD 3400GE w/ Vega 11 graphics) and in PCSX2, along with all the other stuff (MSAA, texture filtering/enhancement, etc) in the AMD settings, or it's set to 'use application settings' if i cant turn it off. Ive tried turning all the settings to Basic or Off in PCSX2 and choosing OpenGL instead of DX11, but that didnt seem to do anything at all. Anyone have any ideas or have a similar experience? MTVU speedhack didnt help either

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Can't be help, your cpu/gpu are too weak.
(09-21-2020, 01:30 AM)sportster Wrote: Can't be help, your cpu/gpu are too weak.

why does it seem to run fine when the window is maximized and then drop drastically in performance when i double click to go to full screen?? Seems like its fine to handle basic settings on native resolution other than full screen

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