fullscreen on secondary monitor?
is there a way? 0.9.7.
I have 2 monitors, the secondary one is my tv, and i was wondering if there's a way to play fullscreen on that monitor, to gain the full ps2 experience. I tried dragging the window to that monitor and doing alt+enter but it just fullscreens on the primary monitor instead.

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Only way I could do that was by swapping displays and having the 2nd monitor/TV as my primary display. I guess it's just something the devs probably have to do with the PCSX2 program itself. Definitely would be cool if they could do that at some point. Unfortunately for me and you, I don't think it's viewed as very important. LOL
FWIW, I have the same configuration as Derpster, and also the same issue. Perhaps it belongs to the Emu suggestions thread though?

Another thing to consider here, at least with NVidia cards, is that the 3D performance on the secondary monitor are noticeably weaker than on the primary monitor AFIK. I don't know of a solution to this issue (though I also didn't try too hard).
It's indeed an easy task.

It's just checking the Adapter count get the second Adapter Resolution and resetting the D3DDevice using Adapter 1 instead of D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT. And of course PCSX2 doesn't use the exclusive Fullscreen anymore. So they just have to get both Adapters resolution and shift the render window to the second screen and make it fit the whole screen area.

If ya fresh with code feel free to get it and compile it yourself. ;P

Eddi: The thingy with the performance is indeed solved by shifting the window onto the screen the Adapter is associated to or use exclusive full screen

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