game isnt working
i have played several games, and most of them seem to work just fine. i try to play digimon world 4 and for some reason, it doesnt want to work. i tried both the fast start up (just shows a black screen and never changes) and the normal start up (it will show generic PS2 start up and then when its supposed to run the game, it goes back to the black screen as mentioned before)

im new to PSX2 so if someone could help me out here as to why, it would be very much appreciated.

on a side note, i found its in the compatibility list, however i do now know where the settings that were set reside within the program.

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The game is completely playable for me, default settings or not. Is there any sort of message that looks interesting in the log?
What version of pcsx2 are you using ? Post a screenshot of All of your pcsx2 settings.
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