game runs fine at menu but have problems with game play
all right i got madden 10 and everthing runs fine at the start up screen/menu but when i hope in to game or parctice the game runs dog slow the graphics are all like crazy here are my computer specs

intel core duo 2 cpu 2.80GHz
system ram is a 3g
cpu speed 2.793
graphics card ati radeon hd 4350
im just trying to find out why the graphics arent running good and game play is like slow motion

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come on i need some help anyone plz
Well if the FPS arent high enough it'll run slow as the PS2 should run ok only at 60FPS, what is your PCSX2 settings? tried the beta?
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First, be a little more patient, you only waited 13 minutes before posting again.

Second, post some screenshots of your plugin settings as well as a shot of the "crazy graphics".

Third, I imagine your video card might be the bottleneck, the 4350 is very much a budget model.
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so you bump it after 13 minutes? patience is the thing here, if you don't have it, don't post

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