game runs with blank screen
Hi, new to the forums/pcsx2, just downloaded 0.9.7 beta today. I tried running SRW@3 on it, seems to work fine because I can hear the sound, but the screen is black. Tried setting the GS to different settings, but to no avail. Currently I'm using the D3D9 hardware with PS2 native resolution, same thing happens when I use the other D3D9 settings. I tried turning off all of the hardware mode settings, doesn't seem to do anything either. I also tried using D3D11, but the program crashed.

For CDVD I picked the ISO option.

For reference, my graphics card is an ATI Radeon 5770.

Attached: log file

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What is SRW@3? What pcsx2/plugin settings did you use? Did you try the software renderers in GSdx?
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Hi, thanks for the quick response. The game is called Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. Using PCSX2. settings all on default, described in my first post. Changed the SPU2 setting to directsound, this seems to be working fine though. I just tried using software renderers, same result.

The log seems to have changed with D3D9 (software) using two rendering threads with AA enabled, attached.

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nm, got it to work with the zerogs plugin. looks great!

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