gamepad configure problem
This is driving me crazy.

using Lilypad svn 0.10.0

When I configure square, triangle, cross, circle L-buttons R-buttons and left analog stick everything works great - but when I try to configure the d-pad or right analog stick it overrides the square, triangle, cross and circle buttons - so in the big window on the left where you see your button list, if I try and press UP in the right analog stick button and push the stick up on the gamepad, rather then adding a new line to that big window it changed button 0 to R-stick Up, which should be my circle button.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I watched a youtube video of some guy configuring his joypad and this didnt happen for him at all.

Thanks for any help.

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if the gamepad doesn't work then use the keyboard to play

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If the joypad has an "Analog" button, be sure to have it on (the led should be lit) while configuring, otherwise the leftstick and the DPAD might be overlapping indeed.
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Thanks Nosisab!! why didn't I think of that? works great now!


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