games are running under 14 fps
Hi everyone, im a new user and have a question,
I was trying to run a few ps2 games such as (Metal gear solid and SotC) and noticed that the games run under 14 fps. my current pc spec is:

pentium d processor @ 3.1 ghz
2 gig ram
ati 4600 HD (1gig of video memory)
400 gigs of storage.

Am i doing something wrong or do i need a different type of setting for pcsx2?

Thanks in advance!Happy

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You WILL get massive slowdowns with that PC, due to the processor which is quite slow but 14 fps sounds too slow.
Post which version of PCSX2 you use, your settings and your plugins.
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Here are my settings in pcsx2. Is there anything Im doing wrong?

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These aren't your settings, just the plugins you use. Show the settings of GSdx (press configure there) as well as Config->CPU and Config->Advanced
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oeps sorry, i hope i got it right this time !

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The settings look fine to me, as in they look pretty standard. Speed hacks might give you a speed increase and also lowering the d3d internal res in the GSDX10 Plugin. Remember though, you're game will suffer if taken too low.
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Better yet, get r1888 and the latest plugin pack.
I think the 9.6 GSDX still have that ATI issue, right?
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Indeed settings look fine so the next step is switching over to beta 1888 ( ) with the December 30 plugin pack. That will give you some speed boost. After that your only hope is speed hacks
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Well i tried everything and no luck at all guys Sad thanks for the help and think im going to buy a cheap ps2 Wink

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