games playable for Intel GMA 4500MHD
hi guys... do you know some games playable in Intel GMA 4500MHD

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final Fantasy 10 and Kingdom Hearts 1 I believe, other than that, no clue.

I have no idea what Pixel Shader or OGL version that supports, so I can't say much else
Check the native checkbox on GSdx try latest PCSX2 public beta and speedhacks on PCSX2 (VU stealing specially) and change between DX10 and DX9, your card does support DX10 and PS 4.0 but very slowly. You should get some playable games with VU stealing and native settings however.
well, i have that card, and altough it works fine for most games it is not the hottest for the emu (games I have tested and worked fine, but no fullspeed all the time: SMT: Persona 3 FES, SMT: Persona 4, Kingdom Hearts, also tested Fate/Unlimited Codes but I can only get 10 FPS in battle and Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd, which is worse, at a "wonderful" speed of 2 fps ¬¬)
and I don't know why but the use of DX10 doesn't matter, at least on my computer, because everytime I use it my emu or crash or gets me an error that the igfx driver stopped working, recovered but the screen is in full black, so I stick with DX9 until I find what is wrong
My Laptop:
CPU: intel T4200 @ 2.0 ghz
GPU: Intel GMA X4500M
Ram: 3 Gb DDR2
SO: WinVista Home Premium // Windows 7 Ultimate x32

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