[gamesave]Okami at Oni Island
i´m experiencing a problem with Okami.
it´s about the moments when i use the draw techs to defeat a stone guardian on Oni Island...somehow my ps2 controller isn´t configured correctly...
in the corners the setted "dot" isn´t on the position in the game...in the normal gameplay it´s ok, but in a minigame it´s the difference between doable und not doable...
has anyone Okami and can play the minigame with the stone guardian on Oni Island? I would upload a savegame where the spot is.
(is it allowed?)
I only need to finish that minigame, nothing more.
or has anyone a good idea on how to calibrate a ps2 controller in pcsx2?

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Tried using GSdx with a software renderer? That could help a lot
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