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i have been messing with pcsx2 for a long time now but always running games from dvd, i was wondering if for the fmv parts, if running from dvd is better or would it be better to run from the hard drive, i generally get just over 50% speed on fmvs (sometimes near full or full speed where as other times just over 50%) and full speed(limited to 60 fps) every other time. someone once suggested to run the games from hard drive but i just want to know what others thought on the subject.

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Definitely yes.
Make an ISO and run it using Linuzappz, it'll be a lot faster.
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Iso is the way to go (if you own the cd of course. if you need an isomaking app, I can suggest one, others can too)
Definitely use ISOs if you can. They are the most reliable way of making sure your data transfer stays fast and steady.

I definitely needed to switch to ISOs, as I run PCSX2 on a notebook with a DVD drive that likes to spin down at strangely random points.
thank you for the replys i will definitely do that, and yes i own the dvds Smile.

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