general question about frame-rate and glitches
I am playing two games: Gladius ( turn based gladiator combat ) and Shadow Hearts Covenant ( turn based rpg ). The majority of the gameplay has smooth frame-rates without any graphical glitches.

Certain cut-scenes have noticeably slower frame-rates. Since I am happy with the regular gameplay, I do not want to mess with a bunch of settings. I am already using speed hacks, frame skip etc. Is lowering the internal resolution the easiest fix to get through a cut-scene?

Regarding graphical glitches, I have just been putting up with the occasional problem. For example, female barbarians in Gladius are not wearing any clothes once they are on the battlefield. It is not as cool as it sounds - instead of bare skin, you see the wall / ground texture of whatever is behind them. If I tried different settings, different plug-ins, how likely will I find a fix?

I am not asking if there is a fix for that specific problem - - rather is that the kind of problem that a different setting / plug-in will resolve ? Or do some very playable games have the odd unresolved issue?


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Do not use frame skip. Try setting it back to limit and see if there is any improvment. It seems that frame skipping tends to cause problems.
If Shadow Hearts Covenant graphic you mean the ring graphical glitch, the only way to fix it with the current emulator is to use the software mode to play though you lose the high resolution( The game runs very nice in high resolution, so I don't recommand playing using software mode). I don't recall any slow down in shadow hearts 2's cutscenes, so my guess is either your cpu or gpu or both are hitting the bottleneck which means you might need to lower your internal resolution or use speed hacks . You may want to post your pc spec and/or settings so that we have better idea about the problem.

For Gladius, I don't have the game, so I am not sure how the game is run.
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I am not familiar with the ring graphical glitch in Shadow Hearts. Perhaps I just don't realize there is a problem? You did answer my question though - - a game that is very playable might have an unresolvable glitch.

In Shadow Hearts, the cut-scenes might not be at full speed. The first place I really noticed a slow down was after the wine cellar when the two children are rescued. That cut-scene had about 8 people in it at once.

Yes, otherwise, the game plays nicely at higher resolution. I am actually playing it at 1920 x 1200 with internal set to 3840 x 2400. Everything looks crisp.


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The more objects on screen, the more load your PC will have. At that extreme internal resolution my bet would be the 5850 can't handle the load in such scenes.
The ring glitch consists of the background getting black while the ring spins. It's supposed to freeze (like a screenshot of the battle screen) while the ring spins, but it's pretty minor.
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