getting GT4 to work....
hello folks, i have the new beta installed, everything configged and such yet my bois wont work ( though the game is compatible, i know this is certin )

have my own bios yet None ( of about 40 ive tried ) are compatible ?!?!?!

pc specs if it makes the slightest difference: quad core @ 3.65 ghz

Ati raedon 5150 HD 1.28 gb

4 gb ram @ 1666 mhz.

any ideas ??

i cant even get to the loading screen !

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What do you mean about 40 bios? What is the exact error you get?
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" error - *insert bios name here* will not work ( cannot be openned editted or saved ) "
Letting aside non technical aspects. First and utermost, uninstall and install it somewhere outside the C:\Program folders (x86)... delete all inis if already created.

Try creating something like C:\games and accustom to install games there. Albeit you did not give any useful information all my coins go in betting where it is installed now.
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After that try showing us the content of your console log... I doubt that's the exact (or only) message you get.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
changed directory and the euro bios work grand... theirs just no way the game will run smooth, the pc its on is great, the specs are on low... still on loading menus and such its grand, as soon as any rendering appears... it slows down massively ( sub 20 fps... )

this normal ?
Depends on the game. Rolleyes

BTW - You have 40 PS2s!?
Although does not related with the current issue, anyone still doubt C:\program Files and games = bad?

The GPU is underated for almost all games, it may be integrated to boot. That's a massive bottleneck, you should not attempt more than "native" for resolution with it. I bet software mode will be better for you, Set software render threads to 2.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Hi Im also trying to get GT4 to work! I have different problems tho. I cant seem to find the right settings for pcsx. The game runs slow and with terrible quality. My PC specs:
Phenom II X2 550 @ 3.7ghz
Radeon 4830
2gb kingston Hyper X @ 400mhz
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

My PC is more than good enough to run that game Im certain, but I cannot find the right settings. Ive tried a lot of combinations. Nothing works for me so far.

Thanks, The Wiz!
I wouldn't bother with this game yet.
It's one of the slower games.
And you need the software renderer just to attempt to play a race.
Even then it doesn't seem to work right.

Maybe gt3 works better.
Or the special eur addon disk thing for gt3.

@nosisab Ken Keleh
I use program files for most things, on a special partition.
That way when I swap os'es I don't lose my programs (though some will need re-installing).

My os'es are tweaked though and I don't get permission errors like that.
And I always login as admin.
If I were using x64 I wouldn't be using the x86/x64 dir's, I'de redo them back to normal.

And..., I don't install my emu's in my program files Wink.
That would just make a huge mess I think.
I have an emulation directory where all my running files go and lately my roms an emu dl's.

Only pc games and pc software goes into my program files.
I'm used to installing games back in dos where I picked the location.
I use the program files location for most things though.

Just a diff one from the stock windows C:\ ver.
Mine is on H:\.

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