god of war 1 and 2
hi, people ask me if pcsx2 will someday run perfect this game?

i can see that the problem is not the graphics plugin, is some intern of the emu, this problem is afecting the logic on this specific game

the game follows a patron same in the 2 versions (1 and 2), and for that order the game in the 1 and 2 part is not playable in pcsx2, pcsx2 is like a Translation of the ps2 system well is reading every route from the boot of ps2 games...maybe the virtual dvd ready reader is the problem because is reading over somes routes and will affects the functions of the game or runtimes of the game..but well i want listen the opinion of devĀ“s or pcsx2 team ..thanks

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They both have problems. So you can't play them yet.As to what is the problem,leave that to the coders since they know a bit better than you
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And what do you think, when we can expect gow 1&2 to be playable?
look this thread, there are some guys playing GOW2 with latest beta:


and believe, the coders are aware of the bugs with GOW and GOW2 and I am absolutely convinced that they are working hard do fix it.

but programming a emu like this is a very, very difficult task. Just be patient, the progress PCSX2 have doing in the last months is remarkable.

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