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god of war 1 final boss white screen of death
hi all

my problem is after you defend Kratos famly in the final boss after the movie
the scren go white and the game freeze how can i fix this???

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use skip-mpeg patch
how i use skip-mpeg patch ???
first,go to misc and make sure "enable patches" is enabled.then when te movie starts in the game,press esc,and go to patches then look up for an option that says "skip-mpeg" then look up at the top of the window and it should say skip-mpeg and some codes,simply hit the enable/disable button on the right i think hehe.And if it happens that when you press esc the emu exits then you will have to go to misc,and disable the option "close gs windows on esc". and thats pretty much all.
tnx this work for this part but after i defete god of war i get white screen
and unexpected mpeg error in the console
how can fix this???
can you show me that error in the console?i mean take a photo.
hehe,im getting exactly the same error in god of war 2 so i dunno how to fix it XD,i think its some buggy thing with the patch

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