god of war 2 is green?
Hi guys!Does someone know how to correct the green environs issue in GOW2?Or is it an issue yet to be resolved,although I saw a you tube profile showcasing the game without the graphical bug.If someone knows how to configure pcsx2 correctly specifically for this game please let me know(plugin etc).Thanks!

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Do a search, there are many people who've played it without this issue. Notable, this thread.

I never had this issue, configured as such:

0.9.6 rev1053
GSDX 1006 SSSE3 (standard), DirectX10 / native res / nothing else
SPU2-X 1.1.0 stock settings
Linuz Iso CDVD 0.8.0

x1.5 EE cycle rate
INTC Sync Hack
VU Cycle stealing on 2
Idle Loop FF
Rest is default
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to play god of war 2 you must use the software gsdx1075 in dx9 mode (if you have dx10 same). and after all the options as usual. at 2x speed hacks Cycle mark rate, INTC Synk Hack, x2 IOP Enable Cycle Rate.
So if the game will run at 20 fps maximum Lucky 30.
Sorry for my english XD =P
you can run GOW2 without green screen in hardware mode with the newest gsdx

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