god of war 2 unexpected mpeg error pls help!
hi friends
i am at steed of times and got the key. when i put to key into the platform nothing happens(when you get cronoss rage) the cutscene of cronoss doesnt come up and game freezes just like that.and i can even use skip mpeg patch like before cuz it says "patch not found" how did you guys manage to solve this problem.or do you have any save states or memory saves near there can you give it to me?

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no help??
i searched every topic in forum but no luck.can anyone pls help me?
it's very easy.When you've already defeated the horsekeeper,get the gorgon eye.Before you go get the Cronos Rage,turn back to the save altar which you have used before fighting with Theseus(on the other side of the very long chain).Save the game then exit.Load the game again and you're ready to play.

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