god of war ntsc full savegames
God of war is fully playable on pcsx2 0.9.7 (rls 3160).I have completed the game. Earlier i too had problems playing the game , since i had the 1 dvd compressed iso.Friends it is an incomplete iso with only single layer of the dual layer dvd. The problem of hanging on pandoras bridge is due to the absance of dual layer. Some dvd romes too cannot read the dual layer dvd and will show only 1st layer (4gb) on your dvd rome. softwares like deamon tools might also not show the dual layer dvd. Just download the untouched dvd9 of gow and run it by the iso browsing plugin in your pcsx2, it will surly work. here are the full gamesaves at each and every point in the game.


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i smell piracy Ninja
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Sniper ghost warrior surely means downloading from the disk, as in creating an iso.
If not he should read the rules once more, especially the part that handles warez talk.
Nah... he was using the DVD5 which is known pirated version and now is recommending downloading another one...

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